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[2018 goal] Journaling: Starting Each Day with a Positive Mind!

I recently starting a new journey into guided journaling…. and this is why:

The following is a post that I recently posted on Facebook:


I have prided myself on having a positive outlook for most of my life. However, I keep finding myself constantly dreaming about being somewhere else. I have big dreams, aspirations, and goals for myself. However, constantly planning my next big move, goal, or trip often means that I am not fully enjoying and living in the moment that I am currently in.

Then, because I am wishing that I was off doing something else… I start to resent where I am now and that lets the negativity start to slip in. There is nothing wrong with living a full, big, busy life. However, this post is me taking the time to sit back and tell myself to enjoy the small, everyday moments in life.


Entering the world of Journaling:

With that said, I have started a new morning routine that I hope will lead me to a new refreshed mind. I bought a journal from Well-watered Women that gives you a Bible verse and then gives you different places to journal, reflect, and pray about what you read. This is something that I have wanted to do for myself for a long time, yet I kept telling myself that I didn’t have enough time in the morning. But guess what? I made time and it only took me seven minutes this morning.

This is a great journal for anyone to dive in a start a new journey. It is somewhat guided and structured, but still leaves room for free thinking and journaling.



My goal for 2018 is to start each day with an open mind and live each day with a positive and open mind… regardless of whether I am going to work or going on a trip.


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Life is not a race. It is a journey, enjoy the ride.

– author unknown


Let me know what your 2018 mindset goals are and any tips on being consistent!

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