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Weekender’s Devotions: Let God Battle Your Anxiety

Too often I wish I lived in Biblical times where God would literally, verbally speak to me. I try and try to hear God’s voice in my life – and yet way too often, my own voice gets in the way. Was that God? Or was that just me? Our minds can be a dangerous place. We put ourselves down. We second guess our decisions. BUT as a wise friend once told me: “There is NOWHERE in the Bible that says be fearful or have anxiety. He says cast ALL of your anxiety on me and I will make your path straight. The devil plants insecurities in your head, and that is NOT God. He never plants insecurities or doubt. If it’s God’s will, it will match his Word.”

I have been listening to podcasts by Steven Furtick (and they are outstanding). This one talks about reversing your anxiety. Your imagination is where your creativity lives, and it is where your faith lives. You must actively fill your imagination with faith, Gods Word, Gods plans, positivity, and fearlessness. If you leave your imagination empty, that’s when it runs wild. Our minds need something to focus on. If you leave your mind empty or focus on negative thoughts – you will soon find yourself consumed with scenarios that haven’t even happened. You will be reliving your worst thoughts and nightmares because you are letting anxiety sink in like a virus.

I’m not saying that if you have anxiety, then something is wrong with you or you’re not a child of God. I am actually saying the complete opposite. We all struggle, we all worry – it’s human nature. BUT we must literally train our brains to fight these thoughts. Cast ALL of your anxiety on God. You do NOT have to carry the weight of this world alone – Let God Battle Your Anxiety for you.

John 14:27 // “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”


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