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Five Christian Artists for those that might not typically “like Christian Music”

 Five Christian Artists for those that might not typically “like Christian Music”

Music is such a beautiful and magical art… but it can also be an extremely powerful tool in our lives if we let it. I’ll admit that I definitely like a wide variety of music in different settings and moods. However, these five artists have given me countless amounts of hope, encouragement, and inspiration over the years.

I picked these five because they stand out as “non-traditional” Christian artists in my opinion. They have proven that it is extremely possible to make encouraging, uplifting music with modern flair and a good beat.


“I’m hanging on by a thread
And all I’m clinging to is prayers
And every breath is like a battle
I feel like I ain’t come prepared
And death’s knockin’ on the front door
Pain’s creepin’ through the back
Fear’s crawlin’ through the windows
Waiting for em’ to attack
They say “Don’t get bitter, get better”
I’m working on switching them letters
But tell God I’mma need a whole lotta hope keeping it together”


“Got all these emotions, don’t know how to feel
Sometimes it’s like I’m living on a Ferris wheel
Torn between the fiction and what is real
Oh, Oh
I hear you whisper to me
To give you all control
Some days it’s harder for me
Just to let it go
I just need to step out and step into your flow”

Lauren Daigle:

“Lord I offer up this rebel heart So stubborn and so restless from the start I don’t wanna fight You anymore So take this rebel heart and make it Yours”


“I’m closer to the edge tonight
I’m standin’ on the ledge, so why
Won’t you reach out your hand
To save (To save), to save me tonight?”

Tori Kelly:

“I’ve cried many rivers
I’ve walked through some pain
I’ve seen my world crumble
And I’ll carry the shame
But I know somebody, He calls me His own
I can hear heaven singing out
Oh-oh-oh, you’re never alone”

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