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10 things that I learned in 2019

dsc_04372019 was epic.

It was bigger than life.

It was more than I would have ever dreamed in my wildest thoughts.

It was full of some of the highest highs and lowest lows that I’ve ever endured.

Life is wild. Sometimes we really don’t know what we are capable of until we are sitting in front of something wondering what’s next. I’ve learned so much about who I am and who I want to be… or maybe more about who I don’t want to be. I’m usually not big on the whole “New Year, New Me” kind of thinking. But this year, it is truly a perfect opportunity to turn the page. 

So if you had a great year, I’m so happy for you. And if you had a rough one, then let’s take this opportunity to work on ourselves and take control of our lives. You are the only person with the power to give yourself the life that you want. So here are 10 things that I learned in 2019.


  1. Stop trying to please everyone else without taking the time to decide what YOU want.


2. Understand that it’s okay to forgive yourself and move on from a situation with peace.


3. Be vocal about how you feel.


4. No more passive-aggressive behaviors. It’s okay to get upset at something but express why and then move past it.


5. Go get what you want. No one is going to do it for you.


6. Accept the fact that not everyone is going to understand you.


7. Your life isn’t supposed to look like anyone else’s.


8. Life is not a check-list of life milestones.


9. Plans change.


10. God loves you more than you could imagine.



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