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Judas ate too…

I saw this simple statement as a tattoo at some point in my life and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since. These simple words have re-wired my thinking about both myself and others.

Not only did Judas betray Jesus, but Jesus knew that he would before it even happened.

And even then, Jesus didn’t try to get even with Judas.

Jesus didn’t make Judas leave the table. Jesus STILL chose to feed Judas.

Jesus prayed with Judas and even washed his feet.

Sit back and actually put yourself in Jesus’s shoes for a minute. Can you actually fathom that kind of love?

It’s hard to swallow that in many ways… we are just like Judas. We fall short, we forget what’s important, we become self-centered, we become people pleasers, we fail to truly make God the center of our thoughts and actions. And yet EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. God welcomes us back with love and unwavering love.

And yet… even still… after we repeat this process for ourselves over and over thought our lives….

We must aslo get serious and ask… Why is it so easy for us to claim Jesus’s promises and unfailing love for ourselves when we fail… and yet we forget that others are also promised that same unfailing love and forgiveness.

Aren’t we are called to love one another BOTH (1) as Jesus loves us and (2) as we love ourselves?

I have enough issues of my own to work through with God’s help and mercy. I surely don’t have any room to play judge for anyone else’s personal struggles.

So I challenge you to remember this simple phrase when you’re faced with tough situations. Judas ate too. Judas was forgiven too.

It’s okay to forgive (both ourselves and others) and let go of the weight that isn’t ours.

Not only is it okay, but it’s actually what we are called to do.

Even if that seems impossible by our own strength. Because strength is given when asked. And God will continue to give it when we remember where the source of our strength comes from.



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