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The Yadkin Valley | Largest Wine Valley in NC

The Biggest Wine Valley in North Carolina We set out on yet another road trip on December 27.  Our plan was to taste a lot of wine and visit downtown Mount Airy, NC, which is known as modern day "Mayberry". This area is known as the Yadkin Valley of North Carolina...and if you like wine… Continue reading The Yadkin Valley | Largest Wine Valley in NC

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Chesapeake | VA Beach | Norfolk (1)

  My passion in life is to travel, explore new places, and try new things! It does not matter to me whether I travel/explore near or far; I try to enjoy every moment of life, because, why not? This Labor Day (2017) weekend, I spent my holiday spending time with family that lives in Chesapeake,… Continue reading Chesapeake | VA Beach | Norfolk (1)